Buyers guide for the informed customer

Established in 2003 in the greater Toronto area does not do landscaping, renovations or pool installations they specialize uniquely in Water fountains, Bubble walls and custom exterior fountains, improving at the same time their research and development techniques to better answer to their clienteles needs.


In order to help their clients in the decision making process, has created the “ The buyers guide for the informed buyer ” allowing their client's to better understand their needs and take the time to properly choose their supplier and be aware of the current regulations.

The various steps:

Choose the perfect manufacturer

A water Fountain is not an ephemeral installation. You must be certain that you are assisted by seasoned qualified professionals who will be there every step of the process and be there the entire lifetime of your water fountain.



It is during the design process that the lifetime of the water feature is decided. It is the choice of Materials and components and their use that will make the difference. A lack of experience and a bad choice of components will result in maientience issues and can also cause a malfunction of the product. If a project is poorly designed and implemented, it is likely that if there is a breakage it will not be able to be repaired resulting in wasted time and money spent.


The installation of a Water Fountain that will last years and keep it’s beauty requires a supplier with many proven years of experience. Many Companies have popped up over the years trying to grab their share of the Water fountain market in Canada and the United States.These companies normally close within a year of existence. This makes it difficult to enforce a warranty from them when troubles occur due to poor design or quality of materials and craftsmanship. There has been a flood of Fountains from China that started to appear on the Canadian and American market. These water fountains are offered at abnormally low costs because the materials chosen are of low value and are mass produced, They often come with overly long warranties and are always difficult to enforce. If it sounds to good to be true or to cheap as they say it probably is...


Make sure that your supplier has been around for at least ten years. If there is any issues with the water feature. There is no one better to call than the company who designed and installed it. A Water Feature is an investment and a good maientience program will ensure it will last a lifetime.

Questions to ask before ordering your water fountain


Does the company selling the water feature have any insurance? The right insurance for their scope of the job and can they supply you with proof of insurance?


Has the supplier ever bean the object of a water damage claim?



Has the supplier ever bean sued in a court of law for water damage?



Are all materials used in the manufacturing process accredited and approved ?
CSA Canadian standards association
ULC Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
CULUS American standards association


Common today with the internet as we have experienced is the theft of our intellectual property, pictures of water features stolen to trick the customer to show they have amassed many years of experience and have many installations to their name. Simply ask them for the pictures of those installations, they should be able to provide them if it is their own work.


What type of metal is used in the installation? Is it Chinese quality?
Can you bend the metal with your hands? is it brittle? is it Plastic?
How thick and safe is the glass is it tempered?
If in doubt walk away


Are the water pumps approved as mentioned above? are they silent? what is the warranty?



Will the installation of the water feature damage the floors?



What is the companies speciality only retail or manufacturing? If it's retail they will say that are not liable if there is any issues with the product or the installation. It's always better to do business with a company that manufactures and sells direct to the customer as they really know their product.


Are they specialized in interior or exterior work, There is a big difference.



Is the autofill watering system low voltage electronic or just a float system used in exterior ponds not recommended for indoor use.



Is the electrical all GFI approved.



While talking with the company are you talking with a sales representative looking for a commission or a quick sale or a qualified technician with a consciousness. For further information regarding our services or if you have any questions regarding doing your due diligence, Please do not hesitate to call us.


There is no charge for this service it is always free.
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