About Us

Water Fountains Canada

Water Fountains Canada was founded in 2003. Based out of Montreal in Canada, its founders, specialize in creating water feature decor and ambiances with indoor and oudoor water fountains, bubble walls, bubble and water columns and bubble frames. They already have a few hundred projects completed and have a portfolio of 21 products, the largest in Canada.


For residential or commercial

Whether it'd be for residential or commercial, small or large projects, the Water Fountains Canada team is leader in the art of creating and installing unique pieces, personalized to each customer's personal needs.


Canada, France and USA

Water Fountains Canada caters to large scale water fountains projects. Many creations are featured in prestigious companies and shopping centers throughout Canada, France and USA.


Quality has a name... Water Fountains Canada!

Water Fountains Canada is also currently expanding its market to the Toronto and Vancouver areas.


Prize for innovations

Water Fountains Canada is also located in France (open since 2009) and has a sales location in New Brunswick. The French franchise was awarded the Lauréat 2010 prize for innovations in the decoration category at Salon Aqualie 2010 EUREXPO LYON for their Vortex column, a unique creation !